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--- Quote from: switcher on May 08, 2010, 05:24:39 pm ---I think the Fluke cases are an over-priced rip-off!

--- End quote ---

I will agree mostly because they are not practical to use , the quality of the soft ones are good enough as material .

But the hard cases ... are made by nylon , lots of it , they are very heavy , they are bigger than what you need as storage for the DMM it self, and are only good and safe for the traveling technicians , so to keep the meter safe on the transport ... not to use them , to move the meter locally.

The 87-5 with the soft case , and just the leads in it,  its about 625 Grams , its a heavy DMM ,
If you add another one kilo ( for the hard case )  you will look like an convict strapped with metal ball.

The soft case are more useful , its compact, and just offers some protection against scratches,
and small impacts.
Even the soft ones, It is an over-priced rip-off, but at the end you surrender and getting one,
because you have to protect the over-priced DMM , thats how it works. 


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