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Fly away damn mosquito ...

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Every night I have my mosquito  pall , to visiting  me and fly over my head.

I had politely ask to stop doing it , but he does not  ;D

The high voltage grid with the Ultra Violet light , does not attract him.

Still I have not try those  buzzing with high frequency devices, to see if they even work.

The old fashion cure as an cup with vinegar in the room , it kills me first ..  ;D

Do you have any tested solution to demonstrate or suggest ? 

Look for a mosquito-boyfriend for her. She will let you alone.



Same problem here.

I use a fan next to my bed to make them go away.

Try LED light, some folks are attempting to patent this.

as you read, its not a homogenous response to all types of light, but its better than no light.  Since LED are cheap, you can make one of each and catch them by species.

To kill them, you can either make a kV low amp grid killer, I saw some fly swatters like this, or just use sticky tape traps until you know it worth putting more time into making the kV killer.


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