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Flying to TI today

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I am pretty excited. I am flying down to Dallas TX today. I will be visiting Texas Instruments next week and doing some seminars.

Hmm... Maybe I can get them give me a free launchpad :)

AND more !  There are often free samples of many things you get at trade shows, sometimes manufacturers have them easy to get, like when you see new products being given free at supermarkets.

Enjoy that Dallas traffic.. I was stuck in it just the other day.   :D

Ask them where the hell my Launchpad boards are!!   :D

(2 months and counting)

Yes, ask them about the LaunchPad, why the TI support muppets and the Harte Hanks muppets don't answer inquiries, and why they didn't fulfill orders, if at all, in the order they received them.


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