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For all those who love Back to the Future

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There's been a bit of a stir online as the movie's now 25 years old (released July 3, 1985). All sorts of lists and things are popping up about the little quirks and easter eggs in the movie.

This one in particular is my favorite. The mall in the beginning of the movie changes name due to tampering in the past!

Can't believe I forgot all about the anniversary, thanks for the reminder!
I had a hard time deciding if I should put JW or GW on my Flux Capacitor T-Shirt! I went with GW but of course still pronounce it Jigowatts  ;D


Where did you take that picture Dave?  ??? ;D

LOL Dave!
That photo must be a photoshop work...
Just kidding , nice picture did you sit in the car also?


A bluray edition is coming on october 2010.

It has some bonus material, including 16 unreleased scenes.

I've heard that somebody is preparing a new BTTF movie, will it be a sequel or a prequel? Who knows...  ??? It sounds likely because other 80's movies have been recreated... for example, Karate Kid.

Hey, watch a fake and funny BTTF 4 trailer :D


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