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I think it would be good if next to each user's country flag it had a two-letter abbreviation of the country name. There are so many flags that I have no idea what they are. And no, I don't come from USA.

Place the mouse pointer over the flag and it will tell you the country.

Oh yeah...  :palm:

Unfortunately I believe that should be ".... will usually tell you the country."

Sometimes it breaks (at least for me).  I'm not certain whether its related to server side stuff or if its a browser issue.  It hasn't happened often enough and annoyed me sufficiently for me to put effort into tracking it down.  If you've experienced the same symptoms (mousover country flag doesn't do anything when it *should* display title attribute text of the county name) please reply.

I've often wondered if instead of country, should it be nationality. In the past I've gotten a fair bit of push-back on that one.



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