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FPGA based logic analyser

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I've seen mention here in the forums about low cost DSO's but not much about logic analysers.
I came across this little toy that may be of interest to someone who wants to get into FPGAs or simply someone who wants a cheap logic analyser for their home workshop.
The specs look OK:

* 70MHz+ sample speeds
* 32 channels
* 16 buffered, 5volt tolerant channels
* USB interface, USB powered
* USB upgradable everything
 I've placed my order. Even if the logic analyser isn't up to the job, at less than $US50, at least I've got a cheap FPGA (Xilinx Spartan 3E) to play with.

I think that one is 16 channels, check this out for some comments if you haven't done it:

The description on the Dangerous Prototypes website states:

A Xilinx Spartan 3E field programmable gate array (FPGA) is the central component of the logic analyzer. The FPGA samples data from 16 buffered and 16 unbuffered IO pins, and stores the samples in internal RAM. The samples are later dumped out a serial UART to the PIC, and from the PIC to a computer via USB.

The sample setups and screenshots only show 16 channels though.
Perhaps I should RTFM  :-[

You are correct with the description.

the input header probably selects 16 channels at a time but for under 50 dollars it is probably a decent bit of kit to get started on, anyone wanting a cheap logic analyzer and scopr could have bought the rigol scope with analyzer I think the difference was not much more for a proffesional bit of kit ?


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