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French Schuko is superior

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In Spain we use the German version of the Schuko plug and socket and I do not like the way the Earth connection is made, with tabs that sometimes bend and which do not give me confidence that they make good contact. I also do not like that it is not polarized and you can plug in both ways.

I was recently in France and there I saw the French version and in my estimation it is superior.

The photos are of a very nice design where a cover springs out when no plug is there and it retracts when pushed by the plug. It gives a nice, flush, appearance to the wall.

But I appreciate the earth pin which I trust better for contact and which is less prone to bending or misbehaving. Definitely superior to the German version.

Also, the Earth pin forces only one way to plug it in and so the power pins could be polarized although, as far as I was able to ascertain, this is not the case.

The Wikipedia graphic attached shows both the German and the French versions as polarized but, AFAIK, this is not so.

Still, it would be easy to always put the live on the right.

Because Schuko plugs are compatible with both the German and the French type sockets my preference would be for French sockets and polarized.

Well, it's happened again. I intended to post this in General Chat and it shows up in Beginners. It has happened to me before and I thought it was my mistake but this time I am quite sure I was in Chat so it might be something to do with my browser or something weird and it gets posted to beginners by default.

Anyway, Mods please move it at your discretion.

I never had problems with the quality outlets I had in the Netherlands. These are based on the German version, with the earth pins on the side. Ten times better in quality then even the more expensive NF brands like Legrand.

Having the socket polarized only works if every body connects them in the right way, and I can assure that that is not the case. I have even seen once that a qualified French electrician had reversed the connection coming from the meter board. How he managed to accomplish that is a riddle, since the blue and red colors are distinct enough to notice the swap.  :palm:

Another thing is that it also does not work when you use these narrow non grounded plugs like on USB power adapters. You can plug them in either way. And it does not matter, because it is AC.

Furthermore, I have plugs that don't have the ground pin receptacle, so useless here in France.

Never seen the fancy push in types your picture shows. Wonder how many insertions they last before something blocks or breaks.

Conclusion, I do not agree with you.  >:D

m k:
Old wall jack contacts can be quite black from inside.

You obviously check visually all insertions.
And do nut use damaged stuff.

But yes, Schuko can be improved.
On the other hand, UK plug is pretty good, but not pretty.
I doubt French could accept that, on the other hand, they made SCART.

Yes it is.


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