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Australian Walking Stick Insects Are Three Times Weirder Than You Think | Deep Look

Just like these ants, would we notice if extraterrestrials were to live between us, humans?

Mechanical Fourier Transform calculators:

The Most Powerful Computers You've Never Heard Of | Veritasium

(1/4) Intro/History: Introducing a 100-year-old mechanical computer | engineerguy

(2/4) Synthesis: A machine that uses gears, springs and levers to add sines and cosines
(3/4) Analysis: Explaining Fourier analysis with a machine
(4/4) Operation: The details of setting up the Harmonic Analyzer


Using TE to detect malware:

Virus detection system using a Raspberry Pi, an H-field probe and an oscilloscope

Brian Keating: Cosmology, Astrophysics, Aliens & Losing the Nobel Prize | Lex Fridman Podcast #257


The importance of namespacing.

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