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Pretty neat except for the password part, which even through tearing apart the underlying scripts, I can't find the password for, so either I am missing something obvious, or just stupid.

edit: found it out, as it turned out I was stupid.


This was fun until the password stage. I tried all the obvious including 'hunter2' then decided this is no fun whatsoever and had a brief dip into the javascript but couldn't find anything worth my time so ended it there.

ETA: Did another run through and it's obvious what the password is, no digging through code needed.  :-DD

I spent some time, too, looking under the hood for that password. :horse:
Then I was  :palm:  :-DD

Interactive comics is something very original, never seen such a thing before.

As for the rest of the comics, Abstruse Goose is brilliant.  I don't know anybody to be better.  Look:


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