Author Topic: GCHQ goons so clueless they think DC/DC converters are a security risk  (Read 9001 times)

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Yeah, but across all three you might have enough to store "GCHQ sucks lol"

Or, instead of "GCHQ sucks lol" you could store and hide an encryption/decryption key for something else on the system...?


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DC/DC  is a good candidate for side channel RF com link

DC/DC that does PWM on the screen backligh is even better, because you can use whole BL like IRDA

not so funny, eh?

My guess is GCHQ was just covering their tracks and removing their own implants.
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DC/DC  is a good candidate for side channel RF com link
Some solar (micro)inverters use PLC to send their stats to a central hub. They modulate the PWM frequency or inject a (relatively) low frequency data waveform on the output.
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