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Moderator is this the right place?
Hello guys my name is Manuel, I have some questions for advice
I just moved to Sydney with wife and baby
Sorry if this is badly structured as I'm writting from a blackberry
-firstly I'm looking where to buy my tools an pieces lijke multimeter, solder etc in sydney area
- also what kind of job should I look for if I don't have yet my licence, I'm getting it hopefully soon, but it involves lots of paper work, and official translations,
I have 5 years experience with educationbal robotic platforms (like lego nxt and vex)but opensource work with the olpc xo back in Colombia,
Also servicing industrial pipe line robots like the ques
I have an australian IT diploma, of when I used to live in sydney 6 years ago
But I'm looking forward in connecting with the industry here, my problem is the licence and getting all the paperwork done
Any idea is fully appreciated
Pd, I program embedded c for avr and pic, and joomla also
I'm not looking for a job here just ideas of which way is better to head
Thank you

Are you talking about a electricians license?
An electronics job is totally different to an electricians job. You don't need any qualifications or license to work in electronics. So if you see an electronics job that you think you have the skills for, just apply.
Jaycar and Altronics carry meters and tools. Dick Smith also, but less range. But like everything, online is often the best place to buy.


Hi Dave tnx for the answer,
I just ask cause the jobs I've seen advertised ask for cert 3 in electronics for assembling and others ask for the engineering qualification
But I will try just sending as you advise my cv
Also I'm getting the tools online when I have internet connection in my house this week

well, i live in the near end of the world, and DMM sells everywhere, shud be no problem finding any locally, but for DSO and more specialized tools, we dont have it here, sux! but as Dave mentioned, online is the best place for the best gears (and everything)... if you have the good money ;)


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