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Good Side Cutters For Small Electronics Work

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Lindstrom and Erem (owned by Weller now) are the best.  It's really hard to decide between them.  They are not cheap, but I have had a pair of Erem flush cutters since 1980 and they still perform.  Back then we had the Lindstrom cutters at work which got treated badly.  They didn't care.

I ended up with the Erem by way of advise from our chief engineer at the time.

A few years back I found a lot of 5 Erem 777e's for $50 from a jewelry school that had gone out of business.  I jumped on the deal like a hungry tiger.  I've given 2 away, but with my original and the 3 I have left from that purchase I have enough to last my family for generations ... well, a longish time.

I have schmitz flush cutters. They're really good, probably lasting for a few years. Not too expensive. Made from top quality steel.

TERRA Operative:
I use the Japanese Engineer brand NZ-05 cutters.

They are very precise and very good quality. I only use them on plastic and copper etc and they last me years at a time.
They are easily my favourite and most used cutters by far.


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