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got a suggestion about restoring a membrane keypad?

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So far I haven't been able to get a decent picture with an
iPhone -- I may try a shot with my USB microscope and see if
that works any better.


- I already referred this to my friend.



OK, here are some photos.  The first photo is a shot of the overall
keypad.  The copper pads are connected in strips that run vertically
and contact wires underneath which run horizontally.  There are other
horizontal contact wires which are supposed to connect the
vertical strips via a small raised bump.  But since these didn't
make reliable contact anymore (see previous in this thread), I
attempted an unorthodox repair.

The second photo is a closeup of the repair work.  IN the upper left
quadrant of the picture, you can see where I carefully punctured
the tape holding the copper strips together, and soldered the
strip to the underlying horizontal wire.  This was done 9 times, one
for each column of pads.



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