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Got shocked by 120VAC

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Probes pushed hard enough to pierce skin would, I think, be a different scenario to tips dipped into saline solution gently enough not to disrupt surface tension. Thus I have a better idea: you repeat the sailor's experiment and then come back to tell us it is rubbish.

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My first 120v shock was when I was a teen 20 years ago fiddling with a Technics 5 disc CD changer, I was testing some stuff and forgot I had it plugged in when I rested my arm on the 120v input.

My worst shock however, was from a CRT television I was trying to see why it didn't work, again young teen and knew next to nothing, but had to start somewhere right?  :palm: Anyway grabbed the flyback anode cap at the CRT and it zapped my entire right arm, horrible pain through my entire arm that lasted for several minutes (I didn't even know what that suction cup thingy was  :P). The TV was unplugged mind you, but I didn't know the CRT held a charge. Live and learn I guess and still be a alive.  :scared:

Learned not to be so careless after that. I did a lot of reading / research on discharging CRT's, capacitors, high voltage, etc. and none of that happened again.  That was a nasty shock though.

I have hard time believing that 9V battery story as well.

And I'm not saying the incident itself didn't happen; no, I can believe that it happened, but I have hard time believing the analysis of 9VDC being so dangerous after you remove the skin from the equation.

People just die. Recently there was this soccer incident all over the media, 0 volts was involved; people have hidden heart conditions and they may trigger due to physical stress, doing sports, having sex, piercing your skin with multimeter probes while applying 9V DC; or, for no apparent reason whatsoever!

Surely it is neither the volts or amps that kill but the power, somewhere arround 35j/s would appear to be what is required.


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