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Re: Hands on with the world's thinnest laptop
« Reply #25 on: November 22, 2016, 10:24:49 pm »
Gone are the days when IO ports were plentiful on notebooks. I remember my very first laptop had a plethora of IO ports in its sides and back: 2x serial, parallel, 3 audio jacks, VGA, PS/2 keyboard and mouse, 2x PCMCIA slots (who remember those?) and a fax-modem port (RJ11). There was no ethernet port, and I had to use a PCMCIA card to get 10 Mbps ethernet. There was no USB either.
But those were also the days when each external device needed its own specialised port and you were buggered if you didn't have it on your machine. Nowadays it's just a case of temporarily unplugging something else or putting an adapter inbetween.

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Re: Hands on with the world's thinnest laptop
« Reply #26 on: November 23, 2016, 04:35:25 pm »
There honestly needs to be an easier and better standard for building laptops. There needs to be sockets, standardized form factors, and swapable parts that give the same flexibility as a desktop.

With that I no longer need to get a flimsy case I don't like, I don't have to use piss poor cooling, I can choose the parts exactly for what I need, and I can do it cheaper.

And if a component breaks, I can get away with replacing it instead of just scrapping and tossing the entire laptop.

Get a Clevo system. Desktop CPU and watercooling fit in a laptop with 30 minute battery life or no battery at all.
Standard CPU, standard RAM, standard HDD, standard eDP LCD and even dual MXM standard GPU slots. The only custom part is the case and mobo.
Oh, forgot to mention, 5kG of main unit and 1kG of power "brick", really as large as a brick.

What Clevo model as stock watercooling?
Cooling in Clevo chassis is a lucky shot, yes, they have big heatsinks, but QC is almost zero, there are hundreds of reports of crooked heatsinks that make bad contact with the CPU/GPU, you have huge gaps between fans and heatsinks, and the final assembly is done by the store that re-sells them, some of them go the extra mile to assure proper contact and use decent thermal paste and thermal pads, the ones that aim at the lowest price can be a crap shot..

I know someone who as a Clevo that is already on is second board, second heatsink, second pair of fans and the laptop still overheats like crazy...
Currently I have an MSI GT72 2QE with an i7-4720HQ and a 980m, I personally repasted it with just Artic MX-4(will re-do it when I get the time with my beloved Kryonaut), but for now full load temps with both cpu and gpu in stress test is around 75ºC for the CPU, 70-72ºC for the GPU, if I put the fans in full blast they go down to a sweet 50ºC..

And running with Optimus disabled(aka 980m connected to the display and no intel iGPU crap in between) I get 3hr's battery..

If you want/need the brunt of a desktop i7 in a portable package  only Clevo will cover you, if not, you have some options.

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Re: Hands on with the world's thinnest laptop
« Reply #27 on: November 23, 2016, 08:18:11 pm »
What Clevo model as stock watercooling?

Not exactly a stock Clevo, but I know some in the same league have water cooling system, like ROG GX700 and a lot of Clevo or Sager mods.

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