Author Topic: Have prices spiraled out of control in your country in the last 20 years?  (Read 2796 times)

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Well, Trump has done more with North Korea than any President in the last 65 years.  It may all come crashing down but, even then, it would be more than anybody else has done.

Which, sadly, shows ignorance of history. Let's start with the presidents:

Truman and the Korean "Police action" War should be an obvious big deal, since there were over 100K US troops killed or injured. The invasions failed, in both directions. Both Koreas weren't really independent again until the assisting forces withdrew. In the case of NK, the Chinese withdrew their troops in 1958.

Bill Clinton actually had an agreement with NK to freeze nuclear development in 1994, quite early in his presidency.

That held until George W Bush effectively trashed the agreement as part of his reaction to 9/11/2001 by including NK in his "axis of evil" list followed by invading one of those countries (Iraq). That resulted in a non-nuclear NK not only restarting development, but actually having and tested a nuke prior to Bush leaving office. 
(I see a pattern here. Obama had a nuke free agreement with Iran, and now Trump is breaking that agreement without sufficient cause. Any idiot can see that the most likely results are a) Iran restarts development like NK did or b) The other signatories keep the agreement without Trump, causing all sorts of political damage to the US and economic damage to US business interests without hurting Iran.)

All Donald has actually done so far with North Korea is talk and bluster.
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All Donald has actually done so far with North Korea is talk and bluster.

.. and claims he deserved a Noble prize for that .....
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  • Did that just blow up? No? might work after all !!
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Sorry, we all know this won't end well.
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Beamin, can you please stop starting these off-topic threads, this is not the place for general political discussions like this. You seem to have been guilty of this on several occasions now.
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