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Heads up, got my site up 2 days ago.

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It's not technically an electronic website, but it does allow you to study electronic if you make the flash card yourself. And if you do, please share it with me and I'll add it to the main page. I am currently in need of adding more flashcards to the electronic section.

Yeah, I thought if SMF forum is good enough for Dave, then I'll settle with it. Sadly, I am the only one there myself.

Man, if only I had this back when I went to college :(

Oops, forgot to place the webpage address:
It's similar to Fluke 87V, hehehe... it was just a coincident. Had a hard time finding any available name.

hey, what is a flash card?
sorry but I simply don't get what the idea is of that site...
some kind of Q/A system?

A flash card is usually an index card with question on one side and answer on the other side. You can then shuffle you card and test yourself. Flash card is very efficient for studying. In college I had to make flash cards and it work really well. The downsides are that the piles of card actually grow too big to handle, it's time consuming to make, and you need to run out and buy more index cards to make flash card.

Being an electronic hobbyist, I want to make sure I get a proper education without have to pay for college. (Remember EEVblog #92 - Get your MIT Engineering Degree for FREE?) I purchased college textbooks on ebay, but I still need a way to test myself. This is what I use. But I want to be more advance, I don't want to lose most of what I've learn. I believe this will be useful for some people in here working on some sort of exams.

That reminds me, I need to make a flash card on basic rules of boolean algebra.
It's a good way to keep my mind sharp ;D

I know there are many flashcard websites online. Most of them require you to register and that you make your flash card online. That is slow and bothersome for me. Here, you make your flashcard using notepad. When you are done, send it in and play with it. You'll keep the original, the site will keep your copy. Whenever you update your card, just send it in again. To share your cards with a friend, tell your friend the filename of your card. He or she can either type in the 2nd box and the file will be retrieved. The website has been design so that even an arabic, chinese or japanese user can use it too.

Didn't take a capital "B" for answer "b" on the split-phase test around question 5 or so, and no picture for the "Identify this motor" slide under firefox


--- Quote from: Rhythmtech on July 29, 2010, 01:15:28 am ---Didn't take a capital "B" for answer "b" on the split-phase test around question 5 or so, and no picture for the "Identify this motor" slide under firefox

--- End quote ---

Thanks for bringing that up to me. The site was originally on my netbook which I don't allow to go online so I transfer everything to a usb drive and put it on the main computer. From there I transfered to the host server. Seemed that I skipped out the image folder. Even when I save the site, I usually don't back up the image folder. Need to get it out now.

For the answer being in lower case, I usually use lower case in my answer because it is easier for me to type. That is my fault because I showed capital letter but put lower case as the answer. The reason is that that particular flashcard was made just for me. I like easy typing.  When you make your own flashcard, you can make whatever is the answer.

I am glad you bring it up so that people know you can make multiple choice questions, as well as SAT and ACT questions. I got some SAT books here, but am too lazy to make flash cards from them.

Have you learned how to use all the keys, especially PageDown, PageUp, End, Home, Space, ESC?


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