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Help me get Slashdotted


In my never ending quest to get slashdotted, because, well, I've heard it's cool and I like getting lots of hits :-> my Telstra video is up to "orange" level which I guess is good?
If any slashdotters out there want to vote it up I'd appreciate it!

I still have no real idea how Slashdot works though  :-[


To get slashdotted, you need to post something that really cool (to the geek crowd) or make some outrageous statement about the Internet.
Your servers will soon be paying the price.  :)

Oh and posting to Whirlpool often helps, someone there is sure to pass it on to slashdot

I gave it a plus, but I don't think it'll make it past the editors.  That's not very compatible with the usual Slashdot format.  For starters, you don't need to speak in the third person.  You can be a little more wordy, 2-3 paragraphs.  You should've also linked to your video rather than just the Youtube page.  There's really not a lot there to incite discussion.  Slashdot is all about the comments, people talking about their own opinions, so you might throw something in there like, "Have you noticed your ISP is throttling your bandwidth on any particular site?  Speak up!" 

Many of the stories are actually blatantly false opinions or news stories posted solely to incite discussion and keep people visiting the site, so if you really want a lot of comments, make a grammar mistake or a wildly false statement about internet technology.  :)


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