Author Topic: Hey german readers, is the anti-hacking law still active ?  (Read 1296 times)

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Hey german readers, is the anti-hacking law still active ?
« on: September 22, 2012, 11:39:53 pm »
Hello german readers,
I was wondering if you have any news about the anti-hacking law (202(c)); if it is still active in your country.

Has anyone ever been prosecuted because they used nmap to scan a server or they used wireshark to sniff network traffic to debug an ethernet project or they used an USB sniffer to debug an USB-enabled project ?
The law seems scary and I am amazed about the lack of response (or rather the lack of opposition) from our fellow technical-inclined germans.
I cannot imagine a situation in which i can debug a network problem on my server without using tcpdump or nmap or netstat for that matter.

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Re: Hey german readers, is the anti-hacking law still active ?
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2012, 11:32:34 pm »

You write about the ยง 202c StGB.
It is still active. But there was a big hype about nothing...

It is quite simple:
If you debug a network, then it is permitted by the owner of the network. No problem there.
If you debug a network/ check a project and you get data from a foreign network "accidentally", without any criminal intention, then there is no problem, too.
If you sniffing out a network without permission of the owner (supporting or making possible a crime), then you go to jail.

That's it. Simple enough, or?

About the needed programs:

They are assorted as tools. Like a hammer. You can use the hammer to drive a nail in wood. That's OK.
Or you make an ugly hole in the head of your neighbour. It's the same tool, but that's not OK.
If you are the manufacturer of hammers and you reclaim "Made to make the ugliest holes in human heads", then it is (unfortunately for you) prohibited to sell (or give away) your tool.
Means: No Problems with software for debugging or making security-checks.
Software, intentional made for sniffing/ spying and supporting criminal using, is not allowed under this law.
Any difference existing in Romania?
Or, please let me know, why this law is "scary"?


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