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Just been watching the latest multimeter shootout video and noticed Dave using a Keithley high voltage power supply and current supply for testing the meters. What is the power supply model that's used and can anyone generally recommend a high voltage power supply? It would mainly be used to experiment with valve amplifiers and general lab use. Thanks.


I use a Variac and whatever high-voltage transformers I have around.  HV power supplies are expensive!

My line voltage is on the high end (~125 VAC) so I get almost 7 VAC on my filament taps.  Tubes will operate on as low as 5 VAC with no harmful effects, so that gives quite a bit of adjustment on the HV windings with a variac.  About +/- 50 Volts, depending on the voltage range you're working in.

well you could use a voltage doubler rectifying solution and maybe two of those in series if you want 1000 V if your just after low power, infact you could get as much as 1200 V, or maybe best using a proper multiplying rectifier circuit, but this only works on low power

My own question would be , how to measure  2000V  with one 1000V DMM ?   ;)


--- Quote from: Kiriakos-GR on June 05, 2010, 12:11:16 am ---My own question would be , how to measure  2000V  with one 1000V DMM ?   ;)

--- End quote ---
Build a voltage divider.


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