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Hot air stations - Aoyue vs Blackjack / All-in-one vs separate units?

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So I'm thinking of buying one of these cheap hot air stations...

Aoyue 2702A+, Blackjack BK6000, or some another arrangement?  ???
They're just for home use and the most important thing I need is the desoldering tool but it's about time to get a hot air station as well.

Further complicating things, buying separate units also seems very competitive with the price of an all in one.
For example: (hot air w/ suction pen) & (desoldering) totals $240.

How do you get the most bang for your buck acquiring tools like this?
Is there an advantage to having separate units when you're not depending on it as your only soldering iron?

With separate units its easier to replace if you want upgrades or break down. But with integrated you get a space advantage like what I have on my tiny desk:

Seen that picture in an old thread I dug up. Looks nice  ;D

even though i have 2 in 1 soldering+hot air station, i'll vote for separate unit.

When it comes to having a desoldering station with a hot air station, I think a 2 in 1 units is fine. I think its better to have a separate 1 in 1 station for a soldering iron though as its usually used a lot more than anything else.


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