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how about UT70D multimeter as one of the higher end China made multimeters?

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Anyone tried the UT70D multimeter?  It's a 79,999 count meter with decent specs:

I think a rebadging of it is the Sper Scientific 840077.  It available from
Amazon for $135.  The UT70D seems to be on Ebay for a similar amount.

Anyone got some PCB pictures of this thing?


The closest I could find was this PCB of UT70A model. You might be interested in pictures of UT71 series though:


--- Quote from: slburris on May 14, 2010, 07:09:48 pm ---Anyone tried the UT70D multimeter?  It's a 79,999 count meter with decent specs:

--- End quote ---
But never the less, it looks interesting, and has an 54 megabytes large as "user's  manual".  

--- Quote ---Your Multimeter is an intelligent digital one, a precise
instrument with a resolution of 80,000 counts and up-to
-date automatic computer calibrating function.

High resolution A/D converter and micro-controller data
processing technique is adopted in the Meter, featured
with intelligence, high precision and multi-functions. The
Meter can be widely used in laboratory field service,
domestic and other applications. All the functions and
ranges have full overload protection.

In addition to the conventional measuring functions, it is
equipped with a RS232C standard serial port for easy
connection with computer to realize macro recording and
monitoring and capture of transient dynamic data,
displaying change of waveform during the measurement,
providing data and evidence to engineering technicians
for scientific research. This is also a highly applied digital
multimeter of good performance with display back-light.
--- End quote ---

Those trimmer are old tech, e.g. VR7 marked in the photo.  Modern DMM no longer use them.  Its more likely to drift with time, temp, shock and vibration.

Well If some one seeks good points to argue ... ;D
He should read the Users manual.

About True RMS specs , 1000V 40 ~ 400Hz 
Capacitance tester up to 100uF
Display refresh time 5 per second. 
Sleep mode 30 min, buzzer makes five beeps before fall in to sleep .. ( No shit )  :D :D


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