Author Topic: How do you take advantage of the bitcoin fork that happened in dec'17  (Read 521 times)

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I almost forgot about this. Every crypto video on youtube in Dec. '17 said take all your BTC out of the exchanges and put it into a hardware wallet and you can get a matched amount of forked coins. Kind of like a dividend or when bitcoin cash happened you got a 1:1of BTC and BCH. Coinbase started giving people who had money on their exchange in BTC, BCH after a few months if I remember reluctantly after the fork in august. That was before I got active. Come to think of it I had .15 to .3  BTC on my phone since 2015 and never did get any BCH for it but that was because I thought if it was on the phone and not an exchange there was no record of it or something I didn't really understand. (That was a great feeling when I realized I had 0.3 BTC on my phone in an app I never opened and all of a sudden I had real money in 2017 that I didn't know about so I gave it away to family to get them involved.)

I put all my BTC coins from coin base to my trezor for the fork then put them back but haven't heard about this since then. I don't even know what the name of the fore fork was called like BCH I think it was segwick2 or something. How do I get this to work? I'm guessing there wasn't much to gain as I didn't hear anything about it but still I track every penny.

BTW there are still small time youtubers trying to promote bitconnectX like PONZI2.0 AND exit scam 2.0 are magically going to come back and they will get their money back by telling you how rich they are because of BCC. Trevon james should also be going to jail I hope but craig grant is the one I really want to see.
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When it comes to Bitcoin, unless you invested in it years ago, you've missed the boat. The same can be said for many of the popular Crypto's out there. Bitcoin has been a bit of a "loser" in the crypto currency community for a long time.

In Australia, Crypto currency is largely null and void with the introduction of the National Payment Platform (NPP). NPP now allows people to make intra-bank transfers in real time, 24/7/365.

Personally, if you're ahead (i.e.: your crypto is worth more than what you originally put in), cash out now, or at least a portion of it so if/when it all comes crashing down, you've lost nothing.


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I've never done any cryptos, but my understanding is when the fork takes place, you automatically become the owner of the same number of new forked coin as the original coin, and the new ones have the same public and private keys.  So if there was a Beamincoin fork from Bitcoin, you would need to find your Bitcoin keys and open a Beamincoin wallet using the same keys.  But there may be a security issue with this since transactions of your Beamincoin might reveal your keys that could be used to steal your Bitcoin.


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