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How does Agilent do 80 GSa/s?

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--- Quote from: jahonen on June 17, 2010, 09:27:59 am ---I did not mean that 20 GHz scope should have BNC connectors, which would be absolutely absurd thing to do. One Agilent guy who lectured about their RF products, like spectrum and network analyzers said that BNC is not even a connector by his standards, maybe good for 100 kHz or so ;)

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Darn, not even good enough for audio (in the minds of audiophiles) ;)

--- Quote from: jahonen on June 17, 2010, 09:27:59 am ---But meant instead that those scopes are not so handy for everyday measurements where you can manage with fraction of the bandwidth and often need higher voltages than these things can directly handle. That is true that passive probe adapter costs next to nothing when compared to the scope but it still makes things clumsy in practice, compared to simpler scope.

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Agreed. Passive (hi-Z) probes only go up to 500MHz, so if you use one, you probably don't need many GHz of bandwidth. And entry/mid level scopes are indeed much more practical for everyday use. Plus they take longer to get obsolete, while the high end products are typically obsolete by the time the next serial bus comes along.


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