Author Topic: PSU fan noise and a Corsair HX-650w ATX PSU +1 review from a 'fan' boy.  (Read 4465 times)

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I saw a few threads and posts around here about other uses of redundant computer PSU's. I now have yet another reason to recommend to anyone buying one of these fine PSU: to have a spare power supply to play with.  :P

I build my computers myself and get parts as needed. I usually start off with secondhand grey boxes with a dead m/b most likely caused by a dead capacitor. While it can be worth getting a replacement capacitor kit for the board, sometimes its just easier to get a shinny new motherboard. More CPU power, memory and a video card and you're good to go..

But eventually the old fan in the PSU will start to fail. Mine announce they're peril by making that horrible groaning bearing noise. Sometimes it's a dull grinding sound. Sometimes its that pulsating irritation that is so good for your arteries. Either way the PSU has to come out off the computer case and the fan inside the PSU has to be replaced. And Jaycar have a nice range of drop-in replacement fans. There is also plenty of info on the net to show you how to change the fan.

But the last fan I bought was a cheap non-ball-bearing type and though it is running fine now, the wind noise of the new fan sounds like a jumbo jet taking off inside the house! So I lashed out and bought my first Corsair PSU, a HX-650. Yes, the are expensive (~$165Au, possibly cheaper on EBAY), but boy are they quiet.

The reviews on the net favor this product but it's not until you've owned one can you really appreciate the how nice they are- or at least how terrible the standard garden variety PSU design is.

I have two of these Corsair PSU now and I am in the process of replacing the remaining old ones. I should also say just as our host Dave points out, for example in his Fluke meter reviews, is that just because you are buying a brand, you may not be getting the best designed/built product in the range. Not all Corsair PSU's models are created equal so do your research on the particular one you may be planning to buy.

I couldn't recommend the Corsair HX-650w highly enough. If you find the fan noise of your computer distracting it may be worth considering.

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Personally , I had become fun of HIPER the last eight years ..

The most innovative design  was on HPU-4K580 ( or Type R ) ,
and last year got also the latest HPU-4M780  ( 900W max ) .

Both have large 12cm fans , with auto speed control .

Corsair , hmmm , some of them had blown , and Corsair its not primarily manufacturer.

HIPER , its not manufacturer too, but it had build all his fame, from the PSU's .
I had even test , their 3 years warranty , at the third year .
The 580R started to shut off with out reason.
They send me a new from Belgium . 

If you need silent fans 12mm , check for the part code S1202512L ( Clobe Fan)   ;)


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I own the Corsair HX520, great power supply. Can't go wrong with any of the Corsair models. The 5-year warranty is nice. I believe that HX-series is built by Seasonic, possibly CWT.

HIPER's PSU's are mostly sourced from Andyson, also used in super-cheap supplies made by Sunbeam and Aerocool. They work fine, but when put through stressful testing to full spec, they start to falter. (from CWT)

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I am not going to defend HIPER , because of your words .

But my opinion are , that you need to change sources for true information .

At list some of us , are true technicians , and we do not expect from Kyle ( thats how he called I think ) ,
to inform us about PSU reviews . 

Not to speak about the forum that he runs , that looks like a zoo .
He plays the super moderator and flips out easily ..

Any way, lets stay on topic ,  yes my latest HIPER its an CWT PCB ..
With the classic " HIPER " cool design .  :)

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I personally use its little brother, the Corsair HX520, and i love it!

The build quality is quite good compared to other PSU's i have used (Enermax, OCZ, Antec etc) and the voltage regulation is top notch, the ripple voltage on the 520 is quite good, especially compared to some similarly prices units from other manufacturers

The only thing I'm not a big fan of is the modular that being said, Corsair does make a non-modular version....but it wasn't on sale at the time... ;D ;D

The 520 has been quite reliable...i run my computer for sometimes days on end doing some processor intensive stuff...batch transcoding, rendering ect

for interest here are the specs...built it myself...i have also linked to my photobucket account for some build pics! (ps sorry for the derail of the thread)

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