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How is Chipageddon affecting you?

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What a fiasco.

I did two commercial designs using the BQ24250RGET (VQFN). The world has run out of them unless they are being hoarded by brokers. Lead time is sometime in 2022 :wtf:. I could replace it with the BQ24250YFFR (DSBGA), but that requires a PCB re-spin and the chip package is much less preferred. And for all I know it too will soon become scarce. I trusted TI as a great supplier. That trust is diminishing.

The 4kV isolated switching transformer from Wurth 750315240 I used on one product. Nil stock world wide. No lead time. No alternatives.
The Bosch BNO055 used on another design. Nil stock world wide. No lead time. No alternatives. (So much for "Cherman excellence".)

I feel the electronics industry is now severely crippled due to Chipageddon. I feel like getting out of this industry. Too many companies promising you the world in their great datasheets but delivering nothing.

Have I just been unlucky here or are other engineers in the electronics industry also feeling the pinch? If so, what parts/manufacturers should be avoided?

As a seller of Arduino stuff... Pro Micros from China (ATMega32U4) have basically doubled in price, that's if the vendor actually has them rather than just saying they have them.

aps65111 (little 6-pin buck controller, synchronous so you need less parts)

I needed to make 6 devices but I only ordered 5 of this part (woops).  By the time I noticed: all online retailers were out.  Lead times ranged from late 2021 to 2024.  A find-chip service said they could get '2nd hand' ones (I assume this means spare cut tape), but at something like 100x the cost.  I went "stuff it" and glued a pre-assembled off-the-shelf buck converter onto my PCB instead, then ran some flying wires :)

I suspect that profit-per-part is a good criteria for determining what parts are going to be affected.  Low profit parts, like cheap-but-good-quality buck ICs, are going to lose out fab space versus higher margin parts.  Parts that have little competition are probably less likely to be affected.

TPS61178. Today is actually earmarked for designing a PCB with an alternative…

At the moment not affecting, we felt this coming since october when lead times became even longer (and the contractor suggested we sourced our own silicon just in case) so we rand the numbers, bought the required MCUs, mosfet drivers, whatever couldn't be substituted with relative ease.
We can make it through if it ends by the end of year, which sounds reasonable

Actually i have a project i can't build because tens of thousands of smart high side switches disappeared overnight, but it's okay because the client hasn't confirmed and even if he will, he had six months to do so, he can wait longer.
But its MCU will be used by another new project that came up in the meantime


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