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How long is yours?

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A 300 mm long PH1 from Wera 350 series,(1) has just arrived. Dave’s Ridiculously Long Screwdriver™ looks like 400–450 mm.

What are the longest you have in your collection? How often you find them useful? For what, in particular nowadays, when boomboxes with silly screw holes are no longer present?

(1) 05008715001

16  :-DD

But joking aside, our Philips vacuum cleaner has deep screw holes and uses star (torx) screws. Had to open it twice already due to the power cord not coming out anymore. Needed to buy a longer screw driver for it.  :palm:

Edit: Forgot that the screw heads with the star shape are called torx screws.

Nominal Animal:

--- Quote from: golden_labels on May 18, 2024, 06:25:25 pm ---What are the longest [screwdrivers] you have in your collection? For what [...]?
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The non-lockless jigsaws (the tool, not puzzle) often have (had?) a very deep hole for the locking screw; often 120-140mm deep.  I don't have mine here anymore, but that was the one I needed a special screwdriver for.  I think another one had a hex key, though.

Mine's a mere 13cm long and is shadowed by some of you gents, but it's not the length that matters necessarily, it's the girth.

As a fan of retro computers, I needed this particular tool to undo the chassis screws in Macintosh Classic's. It's a standard Torx bit but the depth combined with the narrow channel make them difficult to remove with normal drivers. Even the extension part of my small iFixit kit doesn't fit in there.

You mentioning the other examples made me realize how monstrosities many I forgot.

Now I also recall some CRT computer displays. The holes weren’t particularly deep, but were so close to the side it was necessary to use a normal-sized screwdriver at an angle. And then there was no space for your hand, so loosening or tightening a screw wasn’t an easy task.

And all the devices with metal frames, like big printers, where a screw holding a part was 10 cm inside the mechanism, requiring maneuvring through cut outs and spaces between gears. This is still the case, I believe.

Both doable, but very inconvenient. And the most irritating part, when your screwdriver was short by just 3 millimeters.


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