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How many of you guys have stored extra food and prepared for emergency power?

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--- Quote from: shafri on May 10, 2010, 04:52:10 pm ---tap it! before it reach the bowl!  ;D

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But the passage it comes out of before it reaches the bowl is full of grime  :-X

well it is the same water pipe system that you get "drinking water" from, really if your toilet system is higenically clean you could scope it out and drink it  :)

To plan for emergency, you need an estimate of when civilization will return or you will simply prolong your demise, with no help in sight. 

So you stock enough supplies to last you until rescue appears.  Food and water should last up to the longest possible rescue time, otherwise supplies should keep you alive long enough to backpack out of the disaster area.  Hand crank lights, 2 way radios, are important. 

Longer that a few days without power, sewer and water, things can get pretty ugly: hygiene becomes difficult and if you have unprepared neighbors asking you for help and you are well stocked, you'll reduce your survival chances by 1/2 time for ever added person you take in based on your fixed supplies.  Luckily thats quite rare, but tell it to the folks in New Orleans.

If you are not sure of water, you should boil it.  In an emergency its better to be thirsty and healthy than to risk getting diarrhea; if you get a true infectious diarrhea you better make peace with God; plus you risk contaminating all others with you because you may not have enough extra water to wash, otherwise why risk drinking sewage?  Unlike fresh water in streams that could have disease, human waste contaminated water can have disease causing bugs that will resist boiling, so unless you have an reverse osmosis hand pump, even boiling won't be enough.


--- Quote ---So you implying we all drink toilet water if push comes to shove?
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Heheh. No, no.
It is just that you need something to drink/maintain the hygiene far more than something to eat. :)


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