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How many of you guys have stored extra food and prepared for emergency power?

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Hi everyone, okay this may not be related to Electronics Im wondering because I see a lot on line people saying "prepare for collapse" etc.. and basically storing tinned food, bottled water, essentials and even power alternatives such as diesel generators and solar and wind turbines incase the grid shuts down.

I am a poor boy with a small house with no garden therefore I cannot be self sufficient as I wished. Not to mention I live in a building with people above me. The allotment waiting list is 10 years  :( But nevertheless I have stored about a months supply of tinned food and know a bit about bushcraft incase the Shit hits the fan. I live in the city center

Im wondering guys what provisions and prepping if any have you done and how about power alternatives? I have loads of batteries and car batteries 12v I will need an inverter to hook them up to something or charge them from a wind turbine to use for house hold appliances.  :)

I am out in the country, so need to be prepared for outages which can disrupt water and cooking.  I have a 10KW diesel generator and 50 gallons of diesel on hand.

Plenty of food in the freezer that will stay cold.

No expecting any collapse any time soon.


I live in the suburbs, so it's kinda pointless to even think about such things.
If the power fails I can just drive (or ride my bike) to somewhere that has power if needed, otherwise no big deal.
I have about 2 hours of video battery time, so I can shoot a few blogs by torch light  ;D


A-sic Enginerd:
Not as prepared as we'd like to be, but getting there.
Wife got back into canning couple years ago. Not just for emergency stash, but because it's soooo damned good. (mmmm....triple berry jam.....mmmm.....). Oh, sorry, got lost in the moment there. Pantry is always pretty well stocked with all kinds of goods.
We're also pretty rural with powerlines up on poles still so outages are not terribly infrequent. At one point it was a weekly occurrence. Got a generator coming from my folks as soon as we can make it up to their place to get it. Not much, but enough to keep the freezers going. Aside from normal fridge, 2 large freezers well stocked. We get a half a cow and a whole pig each year. (3 growing kids can pack it away). Got a bunch of laying hens last year so now we get about a dozen eggs a day. Garden keeps getting bigger each year. Would like to setup solar, but need to wait for the $$ on that one. Especially since we're on a well, so no power = no H2O. And no, I'm not going to hoist it up by hand. The hole is a whopping 6" dia. with the static water level at about 50 feet on a good day. The well is 300+ feet deep.

If something were to happen that made things really THAT bad, we'd be packing up and heading out before long. If something say like the scale of Katrina were to hit Cali, to be honest I really don't want to be here. Too many whacko's with severe cases of cranial rectosis that think they are always owed something and someone should just hand it to them. Sure we get the quakes, but for the most part things are built to handle them now. It doesn't even make the news anymore until it's at least a 6.0.

Although not stocking up for the apocalypse, I recently turned the backyard into a veggie patch.

Come the downfall of civilization, I'll be able to survive provided I don't mind a diet consisting mostly of cabbage. ::)


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