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How Not to Start a Techie Video
« on: July 12, 2011, 05:59:21 pm »
A non-Techie, at least in regard to electronics, friend  sent me a youtube video to watch and determine the credibility of the claims being made. The problem was that my friend never watched the video herself, otherwise she would have been greeted to:

A Dude in Drag !

Yup, imagine just how professional that comes across ? The video runs a full 34 minutes and 51 seconds ! It starts with with the dude in drag having a conversation with another incarnation of himself portraying a refugee from a box of fish sticks as a means to introduce the subject of the video, that being a method to assemble Crystal Power Cells.   ???

Here are some of the claims included in this Introduction:
  • A Crystal Power Cell collects ambient energy from the environment and converts it to usable power  :o
  • The first incarnation of the Crystal Power Cell was developed by the video author as a consulting project  ::)
  • The power cell contains a combination of Potassium Sodium Tartrate along with Magnesium Sulfate and dopants necessary to rectify the power  :o
  • The video author says that he's releasing the technology as open source so that everyone in the world can have free power.  ???
The video then takes a detour through a discussion of bounty, freedom, and liberty which becomes twisted all on it's own to the gal in the video being tired of people who take but don't contribute.  ??? Why was this in the video ? I have no clue but a title that flashes explains:


The rest of the video has less to do with chemistry and is more in realm of alchemy with all sorts of bizarre bits of information. From making your own Potassium Sodium Tartrate to precision chemical measurements done with a kitchen measuring cup to dopants consisting of Calcium Carbonate, metallic Silver, Iron Pyrite, and lead(II) sulfide all added to the mix with out measurement.  ::) With an additional explanation that the lead(II) sulfide acts as a "radio receiver".  :o  The physical casing of a power cell consists of Galvanized Steel Wire and a Copper tube ( Don't get ahead of me just yet ) and the doped Potassium Sodium Tartrate/Magnesium Sulfate mixture is melted over a kitchen open flame not to a measured specific temperature, but only a set "Level" and then goes into the cell.   ???  After the assembled cell has it's crystals polarized by the application of 12 V DC power for a few seconds ( Again, Not measured ), the power cell is complete. WOW a whopping 700 mV at 7 mA !!!  :P At only 4.9 mW, it's gonna take a lot of these things to run a television.

Concluding claims include:
  • The electrical polarity is not consistent   ::)
  • The power generated can consist of both, simultaneous,  AC and DC   :o
  • and one cell actually created a force field which melted metallic Aluminum  :o

The reason why I went through all this detail is to point out that I did indeed watch this entire video twice ! I'm not posting it here as a joke, but to point out the spew that non-technicals put out there for the dumb ass public to be suckered in by. I also did not want any of you who choose to suffer through the video to think I haven't shared your pain. This is some wild crap and I feel real techies need to enjoy debunking this.

Now, here is the video so you can see some bloke actually created this video and many others on the same subject:

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Re: How Not to Start a Techie Video
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2011, 10:04:34 pm »
i thought the audiophile guys and free energiewackos where nuts, but these guy tops them all.

Too the girl in the video
"Congratulations" you "invented" a crappy battery.  :o
So putting copper and zinc (galvanised steel) together with a electrolytic between them, is exactly was a primary cell aka Battery is.
It would be easier and quicker to use an apple and sheets of copper and zinc to get the same results.
The claims they made are just hilarious, AC and DC from the same "technology" and of course, as all esoteric stuff, it can create a "Forcefield".
The only thing that is missing is that they claim that their "powercells" can reduce fuel usage of your car or can harmonize  "mobile phone radiation".

WOW a whopping 700 mV at 7 mA !!!   At only 4.9 mW, it's gonna take a lot of these things to run a television.
I think you got i wrong here, that's 700mV in no-load, and 7mA in short circuit, that would give you a inner resistance of about 100Ohm per cell.
So the maximum power one can get out of these cell would be roughly 2.5mW.
Not that this makes any difference on the usefulness of these cells.

A closed Switch should have zero Ohms or less!

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Re: How Not to Start a Techie Video
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2011, 11:48:57 pm »
The wonders of Youtube!



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Re: How Not to Start a Techie Video
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2011, 03:21:05 am »
Scott Adams once said that the only renewable source of energy is human stupidity....

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Re: How Not to Start a Techie Video
« Reply #4 on: July 17, 2011, 07:10:12 am »
pheeew!!!! that was way too bizarre!!!!  :-X
and creepy too. just got enough with 1 minute.

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