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how to extend laptop waranty for free

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Clickbait title on this thread. A warranty is a legal thing (a promise of function for a period of time), and cooling a device does NOTHING to change the warranty.

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Actually, I take that back: doing this modification probably WILL change your warranty, by voiding the warranty due to an unauthorized modification. But it most certainly won’t extend it…

For those living in Australia and saw the title of this thread, but couldn't be bothered watching the video, I just want to touch on your legislated consumer guarantees (known as Australian Consumer Law), which are independent of any manufacturer's or store warranty. I've banged on about it before, but a lot of people still don't fully understand what rights they have as consumers. This advice is applicable to Australia only, but is regardless whether or not the company selling the goods/services are Australian.

The long version is here:
The even longer version is here:

Basically in a nutshell, if a product is deemed to have experienced a major failure or is not of "acceptable quality", then you are eligible for a full refund or replacement, regardless whether the original manufacturer's warranty is still intact or not.

Obviously there are several moving parts and specific definitions which need to be taken into account, such as the definition of a "major failure" (see S.260 of the act). For example, if you tamper with a product and break it, you aren't covered (it's not your job to rectify a manufacturing or design fault). Likewise if the product is cheap (say a $20 toaster) and it fails after 2 years, then the argument can be made that given the price/quality/construction of the product, it is reasonable for it to only last that long.

Apple is a good example of a company that has been smacked several times for breaching ACL. In many cases, paying extra for extended warranties doesn't give you any more protection that is already afforded to you, for free, by law. Always read the fine print.

It's a complex topic and one that could be discussed for days, however, just because a product is out of warranty, it doesn't necessarily mean the manufacturer or the seller get out of remedying a faulty item. The car industry is another that has been trying to get away with it for years, citing manufacturer warranty terms and conditions. That being said, if you don't follow the service schedule on your car, then you're out on your own (and no, you don't need to take your car to the dealer to have it serviced, any qualified mechanic can perform servicing for you and it doesn't impact your vehicle's warranty status).

John B:
There's also the conundrum of whether or not you should actually financially support companies making bad products by fixing them. Like those dangerous soldering irons and hot air tools from china. I'm not totally opposed to the idea.... if it's sold as a factory reject at like a >90% discount  ;D

"The major enemy of electronics is the heat."

WOW, we have a major discovery here. I never would have thought of that! Why haven't the designers of electronic devices known that? And incorporated cooling into their designs?

This man is a genius.

And what's with the gloves? Is he afraid of shocks from 5 or 10 Volts? I worked in electronics for over 45 years and never wore a glove. I guess I was just lucky to survive.

That's ten minutes I'll never get back.


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