Author Topic: How to hack a DS1052E into a DS1102D(MSO)?  (Read 6587 times)

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How to hack a DS1052E into a DS1102D(MSO)?
« on: October 15, 2011, 11:52:43 pm »
At RigolĀ“s site, two branches of the DS1000 family caught my attention.

They are the DS1000D (DSO) and DS1000E (MSO). Also, I noticed the manuals and firmware v2.04 are the same, suggesting more than a coincidence.

Also, fom the EEVblog episode#37 I noticed the board totally packed, with no components missing or void spaces.

Last, at ebay, I found a slight price difference between both MSO, the DS1052D and DS1102D.
For instance:
DS1052D at US $875.00 (1)
DS1102D at US $977.96 or US $899.84 (2)

Compared to the almost doubled difference of the E series:
DS1052E at US $367.99 (3)
DS1102E at US $685.66 (4)

So, I was wondering if is it possible to hack a US $367.99 DSO (DS1052E ) into a US $977.96 MSO with logic analyzer capabilites (DS1102D )?


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Re: How to hack a DS1052E into a DS1102D(MSO)?
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2011, 04:09:00 am »
not worth it. E version got the LA module missing which is the same cost as the the DSO itself. so, even if you did hack it, its not worth it...
even if you buy the LA module its still not worth it, since there's bad review on the rigol LA module function.
you can buy the LA module at IIRC, cant find the link.
i did it here...
but at least you are wise to ask first.
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Re: How to hack a DS1052E into a DS1102D(MSO)?
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2011, 09:06:22 am »
If think MSO and name Rigol is not "must" then you can look also this...

(Btw Rigol name connecting to Agilent is really one stupid case. Rigol DSO1000E models have not anything to do with agilent - anything. If someone try argument this - he do not know or he lie.  Some other models production for rebrand to Agilent is totally different case and also - it is history only. It was Agilent "try and learn" phase.)

There is Owon MSO8102T  and MSO8202T and they are not high priced.

Or if want first upgradeable oscilloscope alone it can buy
PDS8102T or PDS8202T and if want LA then buy upgrade kit for convert it to MSO8102T or MSO8202T.

They have big screen and they have much much better ADC what Rigol have. (Rigol use several low speed ADC interleaved and Owon use direct 1GSa/s or 2GSa/s ADC (with one channel use) and 2x500MSa/s or 2x1GSa/s in two channel use)

There is 8" 640x480 TFT in these models. (and of course they use native resolution - they are not Uni-Toys.)
Also they have optionally Battery use.

Price is nearly same if buy first oscilloscope and later upgrade kit (LA module + upgrade software) or at once ready MSO.

note:  Do not go to PDS5xxx, PDS6xxx, PDS7xxx models - they are not today scopes  And PDS6xxx PDS7xxx are not in production today (maybe some cheap PDS5xxx model they still do for some childrens schools??).
Owon have do lot of self learning developing after these models. WE can look these models as Owon training phase. (also these some models display is really bad quality STN screen)  DO NOT make your opinion about Owon related to anything what you have heard about these models.

I have used Rigol DSO1000E series and also test these, inside and outside.. I do not seen any reason for buy Rigol, exept if look other cheapest FPGA scopes price and production quality. Rigol is good in this class. But one thing is: Rigol have SCPI interface and it is directly NIVISA compatible (who need it with this kind of oscilloscope) This is big big shame Hantek or Owon do not have! If really need this then Rigol is one solution to get it with guite acceptable quality and cheap price.

Who can make osciloscope what have something from Rigol, Hantek and Owon...  still  waiting...

And, Owon have real customer service!

In Rigol time I did not get any answer from Rigol office in China - newer.
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