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How to ignore topics?

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Like the title states, this is about how to ignore topics.

Your member profile allows you to manage ignored topics, but there is no option to actually ignore a topic, so the question is how this can be done?

It is possible to ignore a complete board by checking a box on the page to ignore boards, and it is possible to ignore a member by adding its name to your list.


On "Show unread posts since last visit", tick the box on the right and click IGNORE TOPICS.  The topic still shows up in the forum section view, I don't think there's any way to hide them there.


I don't have this option, so it seems something that needs to be enabled somewhere.

The attached image shows what I see when I use the "Show unread posts since last visit" option.

Oh, that is weird...

Have you updated your forum software lately? :-DD ...

I don't recall if there's a user option for it. Would be weird if they're blocked by some plugin, but if you're using any, never hurts to check.


Yep weird, but it seems I'm not alone. ledtester seems to have the same problem.

I'm using firefox 88 on the computer I'm using now, with some ad blocker. Have to see if that is messing things up. Also have to check on my other machine, which has a newer version of firefox.

Edit: disabling the ad blocker (disconnect) did not make a difference |O


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