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How to make Arrow to realize my order - any ideas ?

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So it was time to me to order nice cheap dev boards from Arrow USA. I placed order, send them money (wire transfer - guess it was bad idea but I don't use PayPal) got invoice, got message from DHL that label was generated and... Nothing has changed since week. MyDHL site states:

"Shipper has generated a shipment label, but the shipment has not yet been handed over to DHL"

It was from 16-09-2021 now it is 23-09-2021. I send them email with question what is about, but of course got no response from them.
My guess is that they dont have my stuff - DECA FPGA boards. Units were sold out few days later after my purchase. I thought system prevents generating package without goods available in warehouse. Looks like they don't have proper warehouse-selling system.
What boders me is that I didnt get ANY answer nor info that they cant/dont want to realize my order. Now I am stuck somewhere between Arrow warehouse and sales representative (possible ERP IT system, not human). I dont know what to do! Any ideas how to make Arrow to react? If they dont have my boards they should send email with such notification - it is almost a week! Perhaps my case is somethig that has never happened before. Boards were sold, package generated, warehouse is empty - so everyone at Arrow are done and don't do anything, because they made their activities allready.
What You Guys and Gals think and advise me?

First, look up Arrow Electronics and get some phone numbers.  You don't show a flag, and I assume you are not in the US.  Maybe it has an international number.  Phone calls are a lot harder to ignore than emails and such.

Second, it has a profile on all of the social media, including YT.  Maybe go public on Facebook or Twitter.

Third, are the same items available from DigiKey or others?  Companies will often respond to a cancellation and refund request.

As for DHL tracking, I have had nothing but bad experiences with it and shipments from Malaysia and Germany.  Tracking showed stuff just sat for a week or more.  Malaysia to Ohio wasn't tracked until it reached Frankfurt, Germany.   Then it sat there for 2 weeks.  Of course in the past 3 years, I have only had 2 DHL shipments (both were pre Covid).

What date was the DHL label generated?

Yeah its possible due to your slower method of payment someone bought the boards ahead of you, causing a stock issue, but as jpanhalt said, either call them or use their online chat system if they have one.


--- Quote ---se their online chat system
--- End quote ---
Bingo! Arrow has it - it is visible on right bottom corner of the screen - small box "Spark Virtual Assistant". If anable to automatic answer, this thing offers You to conect to real human being who should be able to help. I didnt noticed this in "Contact" section, none will look at right bottom corner...

It seems that Arrow and DHL has one strange issue conected with its DDP delivery method. In my Arrow account package has status "fully delivered" which is not true. On the other hand, MyDHL says it is still in warehouse in Reno, Nevada. Explanation is simple - DHL do not show proper package status until it reaches Europ in my case. There will be proceed and delivered with proper notifications.  It is strange that DHL doesnt show the package was picked up by them already.
At the bottom is explanation from help-desk employee:

"This order is shipping with DHL DDP. When an order ships with DHL DDP the initial tracking number will not show any update until it is received in Venlo where our team will process the customs clearance. Once it is received in Europe and scanned for customs, all the previous data will appear under this tracking number from the day it was shipped. As we ship multiple orders in one big pallet which are under DDP incoterm, DHL does not update the tracking number until the "mother shipment" has received. Once received, and customs is cleared then they start shipping out the "baby shipments" and then you can see the tracking updated."

By the way - I got info about preparing the package 16 September. Now it is 24 and no info. I thought DHL is fast ;-)

Thanks for the update.

Your experience is consistent with mine.  Those waits can be annoying, but are unavoidable unless you are willing to pay outrageous shipping costs.

Just FYI:  Several years ago, I had a valuable (to me) package of rare machine collets sent from England to me in the US.  The British postal system (Parcel Force?) was great, but the package got lost at NYC customs (most likely pilfered).  What I didn't know is that common carriers (e.g., DHL, FedEx, UPS,??) clear American customs by the pallet or container.  USPS looks at ordinary posts one item at a time.  In other words, to the US at least, ship by some common carrier.  Surprisingly, I have had no problems with single packages coming from China or Hong Kong.


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