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How-to make decent photographs for forum posts/articles/publications?

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Big Clive just made a video about making photos of (small) PCBs:

Yes, and notice that Big Clive does this with a cell phone - a Moto6 Play (very much a "budget" phone).  None of that DSLR rubbish.

Crop Your Photos

Which makes more sense for a post?


or this (same photo cropped)?

You probably have some software on your machine (or even your phone) that can crop photos, but you can do it online - search for "crop photos online"

I have not posted much to this forum yet, but I have been posting photos to other forums for over ten years. Here are some things that I have learned:

1. USE a tripod or other support for your camera. Digital cameras often use longer exposures so any movement will result in a blur.

2. Many inexpensive digital cameras have a time delay function to allow the camera user to get into the photo. Another excellent use for these time delays is to avoid the camera shake (even if it is on a tripod) that can result from the small motion of your finger pressing the shutter release button. I almost always use a two second delay when taking photos. That gives me time to get my hands off the camera and for the camera to stop shaking.

As for flash, I use it when needed and avoid it when I can. I am making my first post here in a few minutes and the photo was made with a flash. But the flash was needed and did not cause any glaring hot spots in the image.

Nice macro photo discussions


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