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How-to make decent photographs for forum posts/articles/publications?

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It's an irrelevant fact because large cameras can work with a wider range of f-stops so there is no point comparing images taken at the same f-stop as a point & shoot.

MFT at f/16 has more DoF than any phone camera on the market today. And less resolution too. Well, unless you can find one with a VGA sensor or similar ::)

So, you admit that for the same framing and the same f-stop, the smaller sensor pics show more Depth of Field.  :D

Just that now you are trying to declare that irrelevant (after you first question if the sensor size matters).

Then you try to find an escape by suggesting f/16.  F/16 is the last pair of pics in that link, and the smaller sensor still won at DoF.  :P

For me a point&shoot is better for taking pics in the lab.  When compared with my Nikon D90 DSLR, the point and shoot Minolta DiMAGE Z1 has the DoF advantage of a smaller sensor, is less bulky, and most of all can take macro shots from as close as ~3cm.  No macro rings needed, no inverted objective, no lens changing, just point and shoot, no cropping, and can take macro shots like these straight out of the camera:

Did I won?  ;D

This gimmick lens can produce similar shots.

Cost and size are the only factors in favor of a P&S, have always been.
There is no performance advantage.


--- Quote from: BravoV on January 07, 2016, 07:39:01 am ---Great thread !  :-+

Yeah, flash is a big no no  :--

--- End quote ---

Indeed, but what aperture/shutter time should you use? I got a Philips PM3230, in the manual was a handy reference table

I have a problem with inserting uploaded photos in the text of my messages. I can upload them OK, but nothing that I do seems to allow me to insert them inside the text. I normally use Firefox but for this message I am using Chrome as a test. Here, I hope, is a screen that I just copied to illustrate this: {Edit 4/21/23: New attempt to post the screen shot here}

{Edit 4/21/23: Wow, that worked. Now let me see if I can do that any easier way down below.}

The PREVIEW button also does not work so I need to POST this message to see if that worked.

So I am back and the image did up-load, but all I see in the text above is the phrase "attachimg = 1" inside of square brackets []. In Firefox the message inside the square brackets is just "attach = 1" or other numbers if I try to insert multiple photos.

But I see that others can have either full sized images or thumbnails inside the text. And I have no trouble doing that on other internet BBs. What am I missing here?

TIA for any help on this.

Edit: Experiment

And a third image which I must upload now, after the others were inserted:

This experiment is to see if I can post an image in the text.


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