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How-to make decent photographs for forum posts/articles/publications?

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Those features you are seeking does not work any more, a broken forum plugin, or so.

To embed pics you'll have to publish the post first, with the pics attached.  Do not use the embed feature, it is broken.  Then once you published your text+attachments, click on the published pic to make it big, then copy its address (usually by right click "copy image link" or so, depending on the browser).  Then edit your post, and insert the image link where you wanted it to be in your text.  Put the link between img tags.  Then publish again.

The above workaround is for attachments only, external pics will appear as expected from the first time, once they are put between "img" tags (the button to insert pictures will write the img tags for you).

The forum's attachment feature has problem, the cure is use the 2nd slot upward, never use the 1st attachment slot.

Yes, this below image was attached to this post started on 2nd slot, and use IMG feature.

Click image to enlarge.

Nope, the "Inline full-size image" on slot 2 (no drag and drop, just browse for the pics to attach, a rotary mirror) and the "Inline expandable thumbnail" [ Specified attachment is not available ], a Lithium super capacitor, not working.


--- Quote from: EPAIII on April 12, 2023, 07:47:01 am ---I have a problem with inserting uploaded photos in the text of my messages. I can upload them OK, but nothing that I do seems to allow me to insert them inside the text. I normally use Firefox but for this message I am using Chrome as a test. Here, I hope, is a screen that I just copied to illustrate this:

(Attachment Link)

The PREVIEW button also does not work so I need to POST this message to see if that worked.

So I am back and the image did up-load, but all I see in the text above is the phrase "attachimg = 1" inside of square brackets []. In Firefox the message inside the square brackets is just "attach = 1" or other numbers if I try to insert multiple photos.

But I see that others can have either full sized images or thumbnails inside the text. And I have no trouble doing that on other internet BBs. What am I missing here?

TIA for any help on this.

--- End quote ---
Manually attached files of the permitted type and size using the manual way and BravoV outlines.
To insert attachments within a post you must use the [_i_m_g_]attachment URL[_/_i_m_g_] flags with all _ removed so it looks like img and /img inside brackets. Sometimes I don't even use the Insert Image (2nd row top left) and just type in the img flags inside brackets.

I use place holders in complex posts to help get images into the correct location but always include just one set of img flags for which the first thing you do when editing a post is to Copy/Paste into every location you intend to insert a image. The SMF forum auto removes more than just 1 img flag.

All this is best done in Edit mode, that is the Modify within the post (bottom right paper and pencil icon) that only the OP can see and NOT the Modify at the top of the post.
The reason being is the post Modify retains access to the attachment URL's and their filenames for which URL's have been assigned when you posted. These you simple Copy/Paste within the img flags and then Save the edit to have your images wherever you like within a post.

Here's your attachment embedded full size where if you Quote this reply you can examine the syntax used with the img flags whereas inspecting BravoV's post you can see he's added size constraints to his image.

Once you have your head around this it's quite straightforward and simple. Use the post Preview to check you have it all correct before final posting.
Have fun.


Everybody that responded, THANKS A LOT! I seem to have it down, at least for me and my browser.

1. Put the image tags in the message where you want the photos to appear.
2. Choose how you want the image to show (full size, expandable thumbnail, etc.)
3. Upload the photos but don't worry about getting them to show.
4. Post/publish the post. No images will appear in it. But they will be at the bottom.
5. Change the image at the bottom to full size if that is how you want it in the text.
6. Right click and choose Copy Image Link.
7. Choose either of the Modify icons, top or bottom.
8. Paste the link into the image tags where you want it.
9. Repeat for additional images.

In #7 above, I prefer the top Modify button because it brings up all the editing buttons at the top of the screen. And I can still insert the copied image link.

One more thing to test: When using multiple images, paste multiple image links into a word processor (Word) so I don't have to open and close the Modify window multiple times. I think that would/should work.

Yea, simple! Oh well, at least it works. I need to go make some posts with images to get it impressed on my ageing memory cells.

I still get nothing when I try the Preview button. Probably my browser or Pop-Up Blocker or something. I can live with that now that I have a procedure that should work.

PS: While I used the Chrome browser in my first post, above, for all the experimental posting today I used Firefox.

Again, thanks to everybody who responded. I do appreciate it.


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