Author Topic: Suggestion for outdoor PIR and (CCTV) Camera (ceiling mount), which IP rating?  (Read 358 times)

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Hi All,

I'm looking at 360 degree PIR sensor, that should be installed in the "roof overhang".  The need to be installed as said in the overhang, now that itself is waterproof, but since its outside you can have of course high humidity. 

1. PIR sensors are easily found, but what would be the IP rating I need (only concerned about moist)? IP44?

2. I have a camera, but the motion detection sucks since it just image based (falling leaves, moving branches, etc. triggers is  :--). Therefor I'm looking for a camera I could also ceiling mount but has external IO trigger, so I can connect the PIR.

Also, don't want this to be all that noticeable, so looking for some low-profile /recessed versions (something like the attached pictures). I was of course googling this stuff, but damn thats gets quickly overwhelming! 

Any suggestions for a camera?



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