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I am going to nag any way ... User Profile data

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People, I am long enough in this forum to realize , that we have good quality of members.

Good quality =  educated + good characters + positive charged + clean language + humor + they can take teasing ...

And even the ones that does not know how to tease in English,
they get trained , like @shafri does..    ;D ;D

I have only one complain .. related with the public user profile of some members.
It looks that they hate to write down , their country and age ..

All that I can tell , are that by adding this info , you are helping the other members,
so to help you with more specific answers , in anything related with suggestion of products or services.
And helps even of finding people of your own country.

Personally from now and on , I will stop replying to any one with blank profile.
In my eyes looks like disrespect to hide your self that much.   

Ok now i have updated my personal info  (age and country but no picture yet)  ;)

/Magnus from Sweden

Thank you Magnus , and welcome on the board .    :)

I think thats the silliest thing i've read yet on the forum. Why on earth would anyone feel disrespected if you didn't fill in your age/location. We're not ASL'ing on AOL.

If its pertinent to the information given that you need to know something like, just take the initative and ask, don't just blindly label everyone who doesn't automatically do what you want. After all you mentioned they can take a teasing, i'm quite sure they'd answer age/location if you really needed to know.


--- Quote from: charliex on May 23, 2010, 10:56:50 pm ---the silliest thing i've read

--- End quote ---

Believe it or not , the "how to"  about building forums , was not my idea  ;D
(adding fields about country and age)

Believe it or not , the forums are made by having in mind that the "people - members" will socialize.

If you are use to, to socialize with the mask of Zorro in your face , its your right to do so.

As about me , I am not going to ask 1000 members about their country and age..
As I had clearly explain , it serves their best interest to inform the community.
Not me .... the community.
And I , I am acting as one reminder.


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