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I do believe I got a good deal.

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Check out my incredible luck. Picked up all of this off my local Craigslist for $500.

Modern $10k scope + 4 500MHz probes. 350MHz, 2.5GS/s.
Fluke 87-V with Pomona lead set.

Did you have to fight a crowd of people off for it first? (Lucky bugger!)  :)


It's not a good deal, it's a perfekt deal!

Seems like the seller had no idea of what he was selling.

...but it was his own, wasn't it?

I'd be rather wary about letting anyone know the serial number.... 8)

The guy knew exactly what he was selling, and knew his stuff. Says he was switching over to LabView-based scopes so he was getting rid of this one. Sounds crazy to me but whatever :P

I'm not sure why he was willing to let it go for so cheap. I was lucky to have replied to the post first, because he still sold it to me despite way higher offers from other people.


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