Author Topic: Looking for 2D MEMS tilt mirror devices  (Read 4963 times)

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Looking for 2D MEMS tilt mirror devices
« on: July 19, 2011, 08:48:46 am »
I am investigating 2D MEMS tilt mirror devices for a research project. Those who are not familiar with MEMS devices, they are integrated circuits that contain features consisting moving parts. The moving parts are actuated either via electrostatic means, or via magnetic interaction.

The delicate structure of MEMS tilt mirrors is either etched or cut into silicon substrate, which consists of a see-saw like mechanism along two axes (silicon torsional bars), and they flip back and forth very rapidly in 2D. Such devices can be used to generate 2D scanning patterns for reflected laser light, etc. One typical example how the part looks like is shown on this site:

Tilt mirrors are also used in those really cool RGB laser pico projectors, such as the Microvision device featured on Mike's youtube channel:

My research project focuses on real-time image processing; and the viability of 2D scan based imaging in the infra-red and thermal wavelengths. I’m looking for a scanning mirror device with good reflectivity for wavelengths in the 1000 ~ 3000 nm range.

I have approached a half a dozen manufacturers specialising in those devices, asking them about engineering samples, or evaluation kits. Unfortunately, they either responded with non-committal answers, or did not want to know me. That was half expected, but still ... very disappointing.

Only Opus Microsystems responded, stating they have evaluation kits available, but unfortunately their MEMS device cost about $1000 each(!) and their eval board $500 each(!!). It's crazy, the boards didn't even look all that special, probably uses a handful of micros via a RS-232 interface. You can see a demo of that below:

Anyway, those aforementioned Microvision projectors cost about $500 all up, so those MEMS devices can't be all that expensive! I was wondering whether anyone dealt with MEMS mirrors before, and know where I could source some at reasonable prices? In case you need specs, in need something that is capable of running at 18 kHz and 1 kHz for horizontal and vertical scans respectively.

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Re: Looking for 2D MEMS tilt mirror devices
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2011, 10:46:57 am »
Avnet appears to have 2 of TI's TALP1000B in stock, at the bargain price of $444.10.

They also list the cheaper TALP3001 as purchasable in single quantity, but with no stock. (It's a single-axis, though.)

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