Author Topic: I want to create a website to share personal project work, what options exist?  (Read 2815 times)

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I want to have a website where I can share the project work that I have carried out. At most it will consist of text, images and perhaps link to youtube videos with a list of the projects on the side.

As an example the is actually very close to what I want, quit sufficient actually.

The problem is, I have no web design experience and just want a simple solution that I am sure will not require me to understand the art of website design. So, if anyone knows about any simple solutions, please let me know.  :)


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Web design knowledge is necessary if you want to have your own website and don't want to go the route of paying someone to maintain it for you. If you are willing to learn a few things then I would suggest using a content management system such as WordPress. There are thousands of templates available and most of the setup (as far as writing stuff/inserting links/formatting) is all "What you see is what you get". You rarely would have to drop in code/nity-grity unless you want something unique/specific or something breaks. As far as installation of WordPress goes, many hosting sites have nearly automated scripts set up that takes care of the majority of the hard work.
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Try, or some other blogging platform.

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    • Personal site may also be a good option for a smallish blog.
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weebly, wordpress, they are all decent options. I don't see you needing anything other than a basic blog and/or website. Weebly has features like forums and whatnot.
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I use redmine tracker for that purpose. It's not that hard to get going, there are some 3rd-party packages around which include everything ready to deploy.
Benefit of this way instead of blogging engine is that you have items tracking, you can split your project to many subtasks, allow other people to contribute and track the work in progress.
It also does have integrated wiki pages, schedule and time accounting, roadmap and news modules. So pretty handy for most of programming/hardware and maker projects, I'd say.

And you can run it on your own machine/server so you don't depend on mars weather of cloud-whatever owner one-bad-day wish to shutdown the service.  ;)
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Wordpress is pretty straightforward if you have a host that deals with the setup for you.  I deal with dreamhost, and it's a one click install.  From there updates/etc are automatic


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You may try wordpress, which is no need any code. Just some plugs can fits your need.
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Get a $5/month web host that has Wordpress as a single click install option (most do) and just use Wordpress. It has everything you need, and pretty easy to use and change the look and feel of yourself.
That what the website you linked to uses I think.
Get your own URL instead of using, looks much more professional and you get a proper email address etc.

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Saw this old thread and it made me wondering: what kind of site you have created after all? It was for internal usage or not? I mean, what coverage of the visitors did you expect? The thing is - I want to do something similar and I want an advice about it. Do I need SEO for it if I want to make it more popular? Did you order SEO yourself?

To the extent that SEO works, it is unethical, by definition.  SEO has the goal of making your content rank higher in search engines than it would on the merits alone.  This must come at the expense of someone else's content.

(I guess there is "SEO lite" which mostly involves having a consultant help you define your site's metadata.  As long as no one is gaming the system, it's fine, but who needs a specialist for this?)


Since no one mentioned static site generators, I'll give a shout out to tools like Nikola (there are many others).  If you are proficient in one of the high level / scripting languages like Python, Ruby, etc. then you can find a static site generator tool in that language and use it to "compile" a set of markdown text documents into a web site.  If you'd rather not deal with that, I agree Wordpress is easier, and the fact that it's a heavy, bloated mess is mostly "somebody else's problem" since you're not the one hosting it.  It gets the job done.

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Based on your preferences WordPress and additional plugins are more suitable for you. A huge number of free and useful utilities and huge number of lessons on the Internet and on YouTube, you will quickly learn how to use WordPress. Moreover i advise you to use "Divi" this is an extension in WordPress, yes this extension is paid but very functional and very easy to use and read about Magento 2 this is CMS for eCommerce websites, very useful platform

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