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Title: I'd love to see Dave do a teardown on this one! (Bronton reactor)
Post by: KineticIsEpic on December 03, 2015, 02:20:29 am
So here's something that's been around for awhile but I just discovered it lately. Let me introduce the Bronton Hydrogen Reactor. As you might have guessed (or probably seen it already), it's a hydrogen fuel cell, but designed to charge phones. However it falls behind li-ion battery packs in almost every measurable way. Not to mention that the same company is marketing a 12ah battery bank - for 400 dollars!  :-DD I think there's a video about it on LinusTechTips. Tell what you think! (and if, in the rare chance you indeed have one, best off sending it to Dave for a mailbag for us, and get a normal battery bank instead to charge your phone).

I am a NOOB here. If I posted in the wrong spot, or broke some forum rule, please let me know.