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Why is the IEEE so expensive?
I am currently a member of 5 years now. Since I have been out of school they want $180 to renew for a year not including any their society memberships. $199 would be the cost for me this year. I think it's ridiculous...

Way to high for me... I am no longer going to renew... I can have some new test equipment for that price.

What do you get by being an IEEE member?

As far as I know, IEEE members can download IEEE standars for free.

As far as I can tell you just get a pretty interesting magazine and large discounts on conference fees.

I was a member for a few years a long time ago and finally let it lapse because I wasn't getting a thing out of it. Discounts to conferences I didn't want to go to, and discounts on standards I didn't need. What's more, there were far too many PhDs for my comfort level.  :)

It's cool if you're into being on standards setting bodies, and/or your employer is willing to send you to meetings and conferences several times a year. I just never got and practical value out of it.

An interesting aside ... my wife is a corporate clinical IT director for a major hospital system. She's non-degreed. About a year ago she got a letter from the IEEE asking her to become a member! I figured that would be a pretty rare (and kind of impressive) affiliation in her line of work, but I could never talk her into it. :)

I agree with Time, It's a $200 a year magazine subscription.


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