Author Topic: If Xrays are in the KeV range and gmma MeV whats light and radio?  (Read 1801 times)

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Re: If Xrays are in the KeV range and gmma MeV whats light and radio?
« Reply #25 on: July 22, 2018, 05:40:22 pm »
Nothing solid state can beat a real vector display though.

The original Asteroids arcade game is a perfect example of this. Anyone who has only ever played it on an emulator doesn't know what they're missing, a CRT is the only display technology with the dynamic range to display the shots the ships fire, they're blinding.

My PC monitor claims some absolutely absurd contrast ratio like 80,000,000:1 however the old CRT it replaced absolutely blew it away in that area despite far worse specs on paper. The LCD won due to the larger screen and less space taken up though.

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Re: If Xrays are in the KeV range and gmma MeV whats light and radio?
« Reply #26 on: July 23, 2018, 02:33:02 am »
I like think of gravity waves and the speed of light as the speed of sound for space time. Gravity waves are space time phonons.
I would love to see long-form discussions and speculation about the current state of physics, similar to the philosophical discussions by "the intellectual dark web", but it is darned hard to find.  Those with physics PhDs are either not interested (because it is not relevant to their narrow field), they are more worried about their "reputation" than they are interested in pure discussion, or they are simply unable to express the concepts without using jargon that only a fraction of even physicists fully grasp. (Getting old school buddies slightly drunk, and talking about their interests in physics outside their particular research interests, is a LOT of fun, in my opinion.)  I think alcohol (or whatever legal substances they'd like to participate) would help; at least then their detractors couldn't pick sentences out of context, and use them to misrepresent their understanding. ("Hey! I was tipsy. No need to take every word I said as gospel." would be a good theme to such discussions, in my opinion.)

There are a lot on youtube where they talk physics in detail. The royal institute and perimeter institute as well as many universities have youtube videos that are just lectures and presentations. No lack of too technical, unlike the shit they play on TV. How many hours I have spent watching shows like nova explain how the doppler effect works to explain red shift I can't count. Nova is one of the less dumbed down ones too. I had the displeasure of watching cable TV at a friends house and the "science" shows are just commercial delivery vehicles that constantly repeat what happened before the last commercial then make everything sound scary like "killer black holes and GRB's!!!!" OH noes!!! Oh and instead of metric everything is in football fields. What a mindless, boring, stupid sport that is...
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