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Improving an old analog Tone generator ..


Before 20 years  I had build the Kit of this analog tone generator ..
Back in time , I was need mainly the 1K frequency , as modulation tone , so to test FM transmitters .
Later on it become useful testing audio circuitry s .

But I was not totally happy with it, because just setting it, at one specific frequency, was a big issue,
the pot (single turn) was not that helpful ..

So I decided to improve it at the max ..

One new Burns 10K (10 turns) pot , made the deference ..  ;)
I Did also some small adjustments ...

And now my fresh improved generator , tunes smoothly at all range ..

Pictures ..  ;D

Cool hack! And nice pot.

Thanks mate ..  ;)

What wave shape does it give?

Is it square or sine?

If it's sine what sort of oscillator is it? Is it a triangle oscillator followed by a wave shaper?

It has all three " square - sine - triangle " .
Three separate outputs - three volume controls .


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