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India came out with its own Ipad device!!!!


so this is my first contribution to the site on information that mighy be useful/interesting to anyone on here.

so ive been monitoring the developement of india's own tablet computer, or a verision of their an Ipad that some are calling it.

there are videos on youtube that show how it works in its prototype stages and it actually works really well considering that now the price of it will be $35.....yes $35!!!!!! im not kidding. somehow they got the price down to help college kids, with thigns such as word processor and stuff for classes, internet explorer, and video conferencing all run by a Linux system, which in my opinion probably helped in the cost reduction of the original $99 that was planned months back.

i think this is a big achievement. from the videos it can be read in the sun, it can run on solar power alone (freaking amazing!!), and it has usb ports and stuff on it. much more than the Ipad can give a person i would think.

i heard no reports about a US distribution but i would love to get my hands on some plans and see what they did.

so yeah thought you all would enjoy that. Oh and i know its early to say but from all that i've seen and heard it could be a "sex on a stick" moment lol

By considering the size of India ,  the distribution , will be an success story ,
even with out any international sale.

So I wish too , good luck and success.  :)


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