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Inkjet Printers - The bane of my life...

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OK, so you have a very important document to print and only have access to your personal inkjet printer. The ink is running low so you re-fill your cartridges or buy third-party to save yourself being ripped off left, right and center! Your printer then decides that despite using the "cleaning" process to un-clog printer heads and numerous "alignment" checks that it does not want to print clear text without lines or other problems. You buy genuine ink and the problems still persist. During this process you receive hundreds of "warning" and "error" messages that you are not using genuine ink and that your one day old cartridge is running half empty already.

The point of this thread?
There isn't really one, merely to let out some of the frustration I have with these devices! I miss the days (not so long ago) of cartridges without "chips" and before the time business and marketing types decided that they weren't making enough money out of us. I don't think I would ever work for a printer company if I was asked to write code to annoy the user every 2 seconds reminding them with pointless information and with psuedo-random ink level statuses!

Rant over!


yeah they suck it takes about $300 to fill my wide format HP that i don't use often, then the inks dry up. I did pull the watch battery out of it so it'd stop whining. The cost is high because it has seperate heads and ink tanks, but its almost cheaper to buy a new printer instead of refilling it, i just like its 17x19 and double sided, great for schematics etc.

i tried cleaning the heads with all sorts of cleaners, but it never works. the clean print head is a joke, i'm fairly sure all it does is use up ink. I miss working in the xerox printing division where i had access to all sorts of printers all day :)

i decided to switch to a samsung colour laser for regular size, single sided stuff, much better.

gentlemen the solution comes in the form of the Ricoh Gel printers, now i know the critics and "reviewers" slated them but that was because they a bunch of ignorant journalists that think they know too much to actually figure out how something works. I have the Gelsprinter 2500 and would never look back, costs £ 120 to fill but the ink lasts for 1000 sheets so really ok its not cheaper than a traditional ink-jet as they claimed but in fairness it is no more expensive and is far superior quality (when used correctly) and quick. it is not designed to conk out after a set time like my epson did and is a very rugged printer, it is good for quickly printing documents as it is for top notch photographic prints delivered faster than your average ink-jet.

I do not print allot , but I have the prefect printer since 2001,  HP 970CXi with Duplexer. ( 400EUR at that time )

He loves printing users manuals , by doing alone all the job.
Plus when it cames to photographic detail , just impress me since the day one.

Always using genuine print supplies , and use the large ml cartridges.
I need new supplies every two years or so.. and I am more than happy.   

A-sic Enginerd:
Yeah, I still kick myself for the day I gave away my DeskJet 500.
Sure it was slow, but it sipped the ink, print quality was just fine and the thing just simply always worked.

Gave it up because of wanting to go to color and photo printing, and because it was slower than new stuff.

Now, because of the cost of ink I find myself doing the extra clicks to force it to black and white (or greyscale at least), and by the time the damned thing gets done chewing on the data and trying decide what to do with it, the old school 500 would have had it printed already.

Oh, and before anyone runs out to just buy a new printer because it's cheaper than new cartridges - well, those new printers don't have full cartridges. I know, I used to work for one of those companies that "float on a sea of ink." Even worked for Printing and Imaging department, just not on printers themselves (so don't blame me).


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