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Australian Space exploration & historical Rocket Testing
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about the video
image at the start of video is of the operator of the Jindivik radio-controlled target drone. /\
solid propellant Skylark sounding rocket launch at Woomera & its telemetry data collection then the process of electronic data transcription so it could be sent back to Britain in 1957.  the sounding rocket nose cone telemetry transmitter unit with its subminiature vacuum tubes came from Britain by de Havilland Comet aircraft .
subminiature vacuum tube military electronics was classified as top secret by Britain at a time before transistors.
the fuelling a Black Knight research ballistic missile with hydrogen peroxide & kerosene at the Woomera launch site.
preflight tasks performed by ground crew on a an Australian GAF Government Aircraft Factories Jindivik radio-controlled target drone 1957.
Blue Streak ballistic missile launch and its ground control room electronic equipment with operators.
life on the Australian Woomera Rocket Range in 1957 South Australia.
1966 the fuelling of the liquid oxygen & launch of a Blue Streak rocket for The European Launcher Development Organisation ELDO
1957 electronic equipment construction & testing at the Salisbury North military weapons research Establishment in South Australia.
image at the bottom \/ is the operator of electronic telemetry data transcription equipment.

sound is out of sync in one part of the video also some of the AI video upscaling failed to work properly.
the video posted was a test of a free AI video enhancer app on old historical video that was downloaded . the free AI app limit was 3 min so 3  historical videos were cut down to 3min then given the AI resolution boost then put back to black. before re-posting it.     this its my first use of AI in trying to add more resolution to video of old 1950s 16mm film.
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