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Inventors beware: Winds are changing on any petrol running machines

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   Actually, this really should be getting to be old news, but things are moving really fast.  These days, self awareness and a couple of blunders does little, to stop the truly impractical agenda, of those who wish to package climate change with the several other social change goals.

   Now, if you care to unpack that opening statement; I'm trying to say, related to a newer, offset piston engine being covered by YouTube.  That newer engine has 4 pistons, in a compact engine block.  It's going to be interesting to view how this plays out.  I could imagine that here, in the United States, such a PETROL operated motor has a substantial chance of being banned, matter the efficiency or other advantages.
   "Petrol (or gasoline) products eliminated by 2026, for any vehicles is now a statement being made by leaders demands".   It's not me making things up!

   On the other hand, in some parts of the world, not bound to US influence so much, that compact 4 cylinder motor looks to be marketed and sold as a 'range extender' for electric vehicles, in certain long travel circumstances.

   It's going to be an interesting (but rocky) unfolding of events, but please don't make the mistake in assuming that the various newer social justice agendas will fold after a couple of blunders, or setbacks, due to naive or just plain ignorant approaches....they often will just brush off the debris, deny the crazy, and continue (to espouse some visibly faulty agendas).  A lot of this post is my own view, but you can't deny the statements, made, such as eliminating any military or police providing protection.

   It ain't me;  I'm just pointing out what's being proposed.

Thanks for reading.
- - RickJack in Hayward, California

I think the Ariel Four motorcycle from the 1960s used four pistons in a block. Interesting if that square arrangement becomes more popular.
Whatever happens with gasoline, there are synthetic fuels that such engines can also run on. Under what conditions are gas turbine generators more efficient than reciprocating piston generators?

Thanks helius, I need to re-watch the video and post the title.  I believe the thing runs on hydrogen as a fuel.
   But my main point is that a lot of decisions are being made in a vacume of any practical comparisons, and, when confronted by the inevitable failures the current crowd (mob) just seems to deny and ignore and keep pushing the agenda.  That's why the whole Solar Roadways thing gets so hilarious, that some folks have, err, a lot of persistence, that's for sure.

   So, unfortunately, that comparison, of turbine vs. rotary engine practicality has very little bearing.  I think the engineering aspects are suppressed, (in the haste to further an agenda).

So, the tip for inventors then is ensure anything "petrol" powered they develop can also be run on biofuels (including low viscosity uncontaminated chip fat) and/or hydrogen. Either those alternatives will never be banned, or they might get banned as fuels by green nutters*, but will still be available to be sourced as they aren't reliant on the corporate dominated supply chains for fossil fuel petrol.

*they rant about fossil fuels, which is almost reasonable, but they then propose socially and economically disastrous bans on just about everything without any consideration as to how to fill the holes they'd leave with alternatives which are actually as capable. Yes we must wean ourselves off fossil fuels, they will run out in a while afterall, but if green activists cared about the planet they'd be seeking to build sufficient nuclear capacity to de-fossil-fuel the fixed grid before worrying about transport applications where the energy density of hydrocarbon fuels makes them impsosible to replace until masive amounts of hydrogen infrastructure are online. And if green activists cared about the planet they'd focus on dealing with major industrial pollution by megacorporations, rather than give all their elite chums a free-pass to pollute whilst attacking farmers and small businesses which make up only a minor fraction of the emissions bother.


--- Quote from: RJHayward on May 31, 2023, 06:24:24 pm ---   Now, if you care to unpack that opening statement; I'm trying to say, related to a newer, offset piston engine being covered by YouTube. 

--- End quote ---
The engine in the Toyota Prius already uses an offset crankshaft (probably since the first model). And I doubt they are the only ones. Toyota recons it improves efficiency by 1 to 3 percent.


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